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  • Moving Well: Ten Tips for Highly Transient People

    There have always been nomads but there are more now than ever. Maybe you are one — those people who are going to live their entire lives 3-5 years at a time (give or take).

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  • Family Daytripping Near Mexico City: Bioparque Estrella

    After a long week of work and shuttling our children all over the city for school and extracurricular activities...

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  • Trailing spouse – The graveyard of ambition?

    School pick-up at an International school looks much like school pick up anywhere in the developed world...

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  • Maid in Mexico: Domestic guidance

    When I first moved to Mexico, I was unsure whether or not I wanted a maid.

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  • The Mercado Roma

    Many years ago, I spent a week in an apartment overlooking Barcelona’s wonderful Mercado de la Boqueria. This Nouveau gem whose bounty provided expert cooks with the best the Mediterranean had to offer had not yet been discovered and exploited by Bourdain and his ilk, converting it into a zoo of photo-snapping tourists and few shoppers.

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