Casa Otomi Trunk Show - Exclusive Event!

  • 03 Dec 2016
  • 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM
  • Coyoacan Showroom


Registration is closed
Casa Otomi Holiday Trunk Show — Exclusive Event!  Newcomers/International Women's Club of Mexico City! You are invited into the creative world of Casa Otomi. It's full of color...embroidery work and piles of piles.

When: Saturday, December 3 from 10 am - 8:00 pm

Where: Coyoacan Showroom, precise address given upon registration

Cost: Free

Registration: Please register so we know how many to expect.

To preview the work: current inventory at for our more traditional pieces or --- for the latest Scarlett "O" collection.

*Note:  this event is open to members only and their particular guests, but we would love for you to join us! If you are interested in becoming a member, please
visit our webpage here or email us at

A letter from the artist: 
For those that don't know us, I'm Sandra Renteria. My more productive half is Abel Chavez (Oaxacan coffee farmer). Abel makes life happen around my protected embroidered bubble while I create.

In my past life I owned a nationally acclaimed folk art gallery in Denver Colorado that consumed a major part of my adult life. After deciding to become a stay at home mom I was fortunate enough to have Oilily as my exclusive outlet for all of my Naif original paintings as a fall back. Serious dumb luck...I know! After the fun roller coaster ride and following the real estate crisis I headed off to ...Texas with Abel in tow and we bought a couple of (money pit) historic buildings to pull off this grandiose vision I had. Hello? What was I thinking? We invested everything we had and quickly left the lone star state and headed into the world of Oaxacan coffee. After showing up in grand Ole Mexico with a backpack and dreams of a gypsy life I realized how hard it was to survive off of Abel's coffee farm yields and how much I needed a knob that turned and released hot water! Battles with escaping pigs eating my basil, range free chickens feasting on my freshly planted seeds, and waking up to roaming horses that loved my organic spinach brought my days at the coffee farm to another quick end. I left with the understanding that food is slow to grow and even more boring to watch. Sigh. We headed to Oaxaca city where shelves were stocked with amazing ready to eat produce and racks full of bright bottles filled with bliss. What more could a gal ask for? Oh yeah...a way to make a living.

Hm...what do I want to do when I grow up? Still had no idea. So after a few glasses of bliss juice made from grapes that I didn't have to grow on my own ---I knew the answer. I was going to be a designer. Chuckles. Hiccups. Laughter. Hiccups. Bippity. Boppity. Boo!

In the process I worked with over 10 different seamstresses and sadly, the quality led me to think my visions of turning sketches into reality was an elusive goal. But then one day I met the was in the air. Couture seams, pristine piping and hidden details! Kapow!!! Cupid's arrow hit me like a brick and I've been in this hot mess of a sewing relationship for almost a decade!

Every day I wake to the same realization...every idea I have takes a year or two to come to fruition and it forces me to be always be thinking a year into the future. A year!!!

The pieces I create are very slow fashion and home ware statements. I nitpick and reconstruct my pieces over and over until I'm happy. Turtles move faster than our designs do. My only way to cope is to create new pieces almost daily and celebrate each slow crossing victory finish a year or two later.

I've been on this crazy ride now for more than 8 years and am opening up my home/studio for the first time EVER. Artists can be reclusive messes and it's not easy to open up our studios to the public. Piles and chaos are a part of the life of a right brained creative. I know of no artist who is excited to show off their insanity. It's a layer we don't expose often. I go! Eek!!!

I cordially invite you into my studio/home where every square inch and corner has a little bit of me and my compulsive nonstop binges of creative madness. Be prepared to be overwhelmed! I have over 1000 one of a kind creations waiting for new homes. Don't worry...I know how overwhelming my world is so...I will have plenty of pretty bottles filled with relaxing grape juice to help calm the mind and bring it all into focus.

My dear friend Erin Nolan will be there to assist me in the madness and will also be there as a representative for Newcomers. She brings her mad wine bottle opening skills to my world and knows how to keep my short attention span at bay. One side glance of her gorgeous Irish stink eye and I can relax with laughter and not need to breathe in and out of a paper sack. Inhale...exhale. She's my comedic touch stone.

But get you ready for the Trunk show extravaganza,
You can see my current inventory at for our more traditional pieces or --- for my latest Scarlett "O" collection.
Don't let the U.S. Dollar prices scare you. I've got you covered. I will honor a 12 peso to $1 usd conversion on all cash purchases. $14 peso to $1 usd on all PayPal charges. That will help ease the pain of the rising dollar. Plus...we are donating 10% of all of our sales to Newcomers!

As if those sites aren't enough to overwhelm you... I will have over 200 pieces that have not been photographed at even LOWER prices!! My exhausted camera and my aching photo editing wrists are what motivated me to do this trunk show! Instead of staring at my piles and wondering if I can't clone myself, I'm opening up my doors to all of you in the hopes that my pieces will dazzle you and impress you enough to jump into your world and out of mine

Well...enough of my nervous rambling! I just wanted to tell you a little bit about myself and Casa Otomi. Done.

For directions please RSVP and I will send you a map to our house in Coyoacan. Thanks again! Hope to see you

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